Finnish parliamentarian debate nuclear energy

The participants of the nuclear power debate Ms Maria Kaisa Aula and Mr Mikko Elo (right)
A debate on the decision to be taken by the Finnish Parliament on the building of a new nuclear power plant unit was organized by the Press Department of the Foreign Ministry on Thursday, May 23 to inform international media about the question. The nuclear power opponents were represented by Ms Maria Kaisa Aula, MP and the supporters by Mr Mikko Elo, MP. The debate was also followed by correspondents in Stockholm via a video connection to the Finnish Embassy and it was transmitted as a realaudio on the internet. A recording of the English-speaking debate can be heard on this web site.
The parliamentary vote takes places on Friday, May 24 in the afternoon.

According to Ms Aula a new nuclear power plant unit would threaten the strengthening of sustainable development in Finland. She also regards the disposal of nuclear waste and the risk of nuclear accidents as problematic. In Aula´s opinion, Finland should enhance the development of alternative energy sources, where Finland has a lot of experience and is able to offer new technology solutions.
According to Mikko Elo Finland needs nuclear energy because of its circumstances. Long distances and the cold climate make it necessary. In his opinion, the natural gas option is not an alternative to nuclear energy due to environmental problems and the fact that Finland is dependent on only one pipe line direction. The economical growth in Finland can only be helped by securing the energy supply and in that respect the continued building of nuclear power is the best alternative.