Esite: The Energy and Environment Partnership Program (EEP)

The Energy and Environment Partnership Program (EEP) (avautuu uuteen ikkunaan) -esite (PDF, 916 kt)

The Energy and Environment Partnership Program (EEP) aims to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean technology investments in selected program countries, with the twin objectives of providing sustainable energy services to the poor and simultaneously combating climate change.

EEP supports (pre-)feasibility and feasibility studies, resource surveys, demonstration and piloting activities, policy development, capacity development and the dissemination and exchange of information. The Program is designed to facilitate the development of innovative ideas, approaches and concepts, into sustainable and bankable investment projects that will bring substantial benefits to the partner countries.

The Program’s approach is to support participation of all stakeholders (public and private sector NGOs and grassroots/ community organisations) with the objective of promoting partnerships between all stakeholders whether they are local, regional and/or international.