Custom Statistics: Trade between Finland and Montenegro in 2021

Trade figures between Finland and Montenegro (January - December 2021)

Trade exchange in 2021 amounted to EUR 2 million, which is 100% increase compared to 2020. Exports from Finland amounted to EUR 2.069 million, which is 117.5% increase compared to 2020. Imports to Finland amounted to only EUR 0.092 million, which is 89.3% increase compared to 2020. Trade balance is positive and it amounts to EUR 1.976 million.

Main export commodities from Finland are: Ships and boats (EUR 0.951 million); Machinery and mechanical parts (EUR 0.694 million); Medical instruments and apparatus (EUR 0.214 million); Iron and steel (EUR 0.066 million); Cosmetics (EUR 0.040 million).

Main import commodities to Finland are: Medical instruments and apparatus (EUR 0.066 million); Electric machinery and parts (EUR 0.023 million); Machinery and mechanical parts (EUR 0.002 million).

Montenegrin market is unexplored for Finnish companies, and overall trade figures are still very low between these two countries. Ships and boats, together with machinery and mechanical parts contribute with 79.5% of overall exports from Finland to Montenegro and medical instruments and apparatus contribute to 71.4% of overall imports of Finland from Montenegro.

Source: Finnish Customs, International Trade Statistics toiselle web-sivustolle.)