Colombian National Development Plan

Colombian Congress approved the National Development Plan 2022-2026 in May 2023. The plan offers a comprehensive review to Petros’ governments ambitions and main areas of focus in the upcoming four years.

The NDP is framed around 5 “major transformations” with goals that could pose interesting business and collaboration opportunities for Finnish actors. The articles of the Plan estimate an investment of $1,154 billion COP (equivalent to 206,7 billion EUR).

The transformations presented in the NDP and their main opportunities identified are:

Territorial organization around water and environmental justice

  • Opportunities: Aerial and satellite technologies, AgriTech solutions and new techniques for land cultivation, water management and conservation & solutions to fight & monitor deforestation

Human security and Social Justice

  • Opportunities: 5G network infrastructure building, building infrastructure for internet access to rural areas, exports to Colombian education sector, promoting Finnish education offering in Colombia, building infrastructure, surveillance and security for road-traffic (including digital solutions and new technology), HealthTech solutions, Education for Health personnel

Human Right to Food

  • Opportunities: Solutions to increase production in agricultural chains, Improved infrastructure network (for example building port facilities), marketing & logistics technologies to boost the supply chains (especially on the countryside)

Productive transformation, internationalization and climate action

  • Opportunities: Green hydrogen, clean energy, safe energy transition, development of science, technology and knowledge, renewable energy sources, sustainable transportation, sustainable aviation fuel, monitoring deforestation, R&D

Regional convergence

  • Opportunities: Improving road infrastructure by constructing more roads, strengthen logistics capacity

Please find our further analysis of the plan from the attachment. Analysis.pdf



Digitalization, Connectivity

Water conservation/water management

Energy transition

Renewable fuels

Scientific/academic research

Sustainable mining

Agriculture & AgriTech



Aerial and satellite technologies



If interested in Market Opportunities in Colombia, please send a brief company profile and product information to Commercial Adviser Susana Azula,, +57 312 522 1931.

Business Finland will provide internationalization advice for any company interested in these opportunities. 

Further local support will be available for any company being invited to present their business and collaboration offering to Colombia.