Parliament endorsed Finnish participation in ISAF

Finnish parliamentarians gave their unanimous support for Finnish participation in the UN-mandated peacekeeping operation in Afghanistan on Thursday, 10 January. The parliament convened in a special plenary session during the Christmas break to debate the Government's proposal to send a peacekeeping contingent to Afghanistan to be part of the International Security Assistance Force, ISAF.

Finland is planning to send a contingent of about 50 troops, consisting of a special civilian and military cooperation (CIMIC) unit as well as liaison officers. As mandated by the UN, the operation aims at keeping peace in the capital, Kabul, and surrounding areas in order to facilitate a safe and secure environment for the interim government of Afghanistan and the assisting UN personnel.

It is envisaged that the Finnish troops will be involved in the coordination of humanitarian assistance and liaise with the interim government and various military operators.

Finland has repeatedly stated its support for the campaign against terrorism launched by the United States. As a member of the European Union, Finland is fully contributing to the efforts of the international coalition and the United Nations against terrorism to bring and secure peace in Afghanistan.