Embassy of Finland monitors coronavirus situation in the UK

Updated 18/3: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the coronavirus epidemic a pandemic. The risk of coronavirus infection has increased throughout Europe and around the world. Due to this very exceptional situation, Finns travelling abroad are encouraged to return to Finland as soon as possible. Also, follow the information and instructions published by the British authorities, and make a travel notification whenever you are abroad.

Updated 18.3.:  Restrictions on Finnish border traffic will come into force at midnight Finnish time on Thursday 19 March in accordance with the Government order. Read more from the website of the Finnish Border Guard: Finnish border traffic to be restricted as of 19 March 2020. (Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)
Updated 16.3.: Finnish Government has declared a state of emergency in Finland over coronavirus outbreak and decided on additional measures to address the outbreak. The aim of the measures is to protect the population and to safeguard the functioning of society and the economy. The measures will be in force until 13 April 2020. These include passenger transport to Finland suspension as soon as possible, with the exception of the return of Finnish citizens and persons residing in Finland; Finnish citizens and persons residing in Finland must not travel abroad; Finnish tourists abroad are advised to return to Finland immediately and Finns and permanent residents in Finland returning from abroad being placed in quarantine-like conditions for two weeks. Read more: Government, in cooperation with the President of the Republic, declares a state of emergency in Finland over coronavirus outbreak. (Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)
Updated 16.3.: The coronavirus pandemic is having unprecedented effects on travel and tourism. Several countries are closing their borders and imposing restrictions on internal movement. Many countries are placing travellers arriving from Finland under quarantine for 14 days. Airlines are informing the public of new suspensions of routes every day. Because of this very exceptional situation, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding travel abroad until further notice. This applies to travel to all countries. Read more: Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Do not travel abroad!(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)

The Embassy and our Consular Section are open, but the situation might have an impact on the opening hours of our customer service. We will update of any changes as soon as possible. 

If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to the Embassy or our consulate, but please contact us via email or phone (contact details(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)) . Please note that only the people whose names are listed in the appointment booking will be accepted to enter the Embassy and Consular Section (except young children). 

More information and guidance 

Below you can find links for information on the situation and more detailed guidance. Please follow the website and social media of the Embassy and Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as the British authorities. 

Finnish Government: Coronavirus: Latest updates(Link to another website.)
Finnish Government: Government decides on recommendations to curb the spread of coronavirus(Link to another website.) 
Foreign Ministry:  If you are travelling abroad, return to Finland!  (Opens New Window)
Foreign Ministry: Q&A about travelling and coronavirus (Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates(Link to another website.)

Information and guidance by the UK authorities

Gov.uk: Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response(Link to another website.) 
Gov.uk: Guidance: Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for the public(Link to another website.)
NHS: Overview – Coronavirus (COVID-19)(Link to another website.) 

If you get coronavirus symptoms in the UK, please contact NHS 111 service either online https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19/(Link to another website.) or via phone 111.


If you are staying abroad, we recommend that you submit your travel details at matkustusilmoitus.fi(Link to another website.). In the event of a crisis or emergency abroad, the Foreign Ministry can then reach you to provide advice or assistance. Please also follow our Facebook(Link to another website.) and Twitter(Link to another website.) accounts.

In an emergency, you can also contact the emergency centre of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland, via phone +358 9 1605 5555 or via email paivystys.um@formin.fi.