Processing of personal data: Functions and events

We represent the State of Finland, look after Finland’s political, economic and cultural interests and promote knowledge of Finland abroad. In addition, we must protect the interests and rights of Finnish citizens abroad.

Our tasks include the responsibility for organising different functions and events, not only for information purposes, but also to provide opportunities for exchange of opinions and for gathering information about topical matters. Events may also be organised, for example, to celebrate Finland’s independence with Finns residing abroad. Functions and events can be very different in character. In addition to meetings, conferences and evening functions, more informal and relaxed events are also organised.

Persons signing up for functions and events usually submit their own data themselves, but we may also collect data from public channels and cooperation partners, too. 

When you reside abroad, you can submit your details via to another website.) (Opens New Window) and give your consent to being contacted, in which case we will send you invitations to our functions and events (see Travel and consular services for more information). When you visit our mission and submit your personal and contact details, you can ask us to save your data. 

Information we collect about you in connection with functions and events

To be able to send invitations, we need your name, email address and telephone number. Occasionally, we also need information related to your organisation and your job title. Depending on the nature of the function or event, we may also collect other information from you that is necessary for arranging the event or for ensuring security. Such information may include information e.g. on your special dietary requirements, date of birth or passport number. If the nature of the function requires a security clearance (e.g. accreditation of journalists), we may also collect additional information from you necessary for the security clearance.

For frequent events, the lists of participants and their contact details will be stored until the next event is organised. In accordance with the Government data management plan, data on lists of participants for certain events may be retained for ten years or permanently. These include events hosted by ministers or any other functions organised by ministries that are regarded as highly important.

If catering is provided, coffee or lunch, for example, then your name and the name of the organisation you represent may be included in our accounting material. We will remove any mention of possible dietary requirements prior to entering the data into our accounting system. We retain receipts in our accounting system normally six years from the end of the financial year in question. 

Why we process your data

We process your personal data in order to carry out tasks in the public interest (Article 6, paragraph 1, point e of the General Data Protection Regulation). 
Provisions on the tasks of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Finland's missions abroad are laid down, for example in: 

  1. The Act on the Foreign Service
  2. The Government Decree on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Transfer of personal data

When sending invitations, we may need to transfer data related to your contact details to possible partner organisations, such as the mission of another country. In such cases, your contact details will be distributed in compliance with the protective measure requirements laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation. Instead of distributing data on a regular basis, we assess the need for it case by case with due regard to the event or function in question.

When we organise events and send invitations, a third party may provide an event management tool through which registrations can be submitted. In such cases, we draw up an agreement with the third party to make sure that they process personal data in accordance with the GDPR. 

Data may also be disclosed based on a statutory request for information by another authority. The data and documents are public, unless special provisions on their secrecy have been laid down by law. 

We do not disclose personal data for purposes such as direct marketing, market surveys and opinion polls.

Your rights

Remember that under the GDPR you also have rights relating to the processing of your personal data.More information about your right to data protection is available here.

For more information

If you have any questions concerning the processing of your personal data in the Foreign Service, contact the Ministry’s Data Protection Officer by email at tietosuoja.UM(at)