Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is one of the largest regional security organisations in the world with 57 participating States from “Vancouver to Vladivostok”.

The OSCE’s strength lies in its comprehensive approach of security: the organisation emphasises not only politico-military security but also the crucial significance that human rights and democracy and economic and environmental issues have on security.

The activities of the OSCE are based on the Helsinki Final Act, signed in 1975.

Finland has been known for its support for the OSCE since the organisation was established. Finland strongly defends the OSCE’s principles and commitments, which are the foundation for European security. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine flagrantly violates both the commonly agreed commitments in the OSCE and the Charter of the United Nations.

Support for Ukraine is a key part of the OSCE’s work. The OSCE also does important cooperation with Moldova and the countries of Central Asia, the South Caucasus and the Western Balkans. The OSCE’s activities promote security and advance democracy, human rights and rule of law work in the OSCE region.

The OSCE makes decisions by consensus, which has  hindered its functionality. Despite the challenges faced by the organisation, the OSCE’s comprehensive approach to security and its extensive activities, such as field operations and election observation, remain important.

Finland works to maintain the OSCE’s functionality  and support its work to promote security in Europe. The OSCE’s tools should be exploited to the fullest.

Finland is a prominent financial contributor to the project funding of the OSCE. Finland is one of the biggest voluntary contributors to the OSCE’s most important human rights instrument, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) in Warsaw.

Finland seconds staff to OSCE field operations and positions in its Secretariat in Vienna and sends 25 to 40 election observers to the OSCE election observation missions annually.

Finland will hold the OSCE Chairpersonship in 2025.