Developing a Virtual Finland platform

Ulkoministeriö on käynnistänyt poikkihallinnollisen Virtual Finland -hankkeen edistämään Suomen digitaalista kilpailukykyä. Tavoitteena on luoda Suomelle digitaalisen maahantulon palveluinfrastruktuuri, jolla helpotetaan yritysten, työntekijöiden ja opiskelijoiden maahantuloa sekä asettautumista Suomeen.

The infrastructure would also create preconditions for the growth of Finnish exports and for promoting their access to international markets.

Facilitating entry of companies, employees and students in Finland

The objective of the Virtual Finland project is to create a digital infrastructure that will give foreign persons access to both private and public e-services in Finland. The digital infrastructure is based, among other things, on digital identity, remote identification, and data licensing and sharing.

The project will create a service platform that describes Finland’s service offering and gathers services together into integrated service paths.

A large number of organisations from the public and private sectors are taking part in the project. 

Pilot phase in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 2021–2022

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will implement the first phase of the project in 2021–2022. It will cover the concept, technical description and implementation plan of the service platform as well as the piloting of at least one project of a selected subject matter.

Furthermore, a decision will be made by the end of 2022 on the organisation that will continue to develop the Virtual Finland platform after the concept phase.

Plan for 2022

In spring 2022, the Virtual Finland project will launch trials to facilitate the entry of students, experts and companies in Finland and to start automation of export financing. A pilot project will be selected on the basis of the trials for implementation during autumn 2022.

For the piloting of digital infrastructure and service platforms, the project will develop an experimental environment that makes use of Sitra’s IHAN Testbed (link to another website)(layout.types.url.description) platform.

The Virtual Finland project has participated in the Digital economy of companies (link to another website, in Finnish)(layout.types.url.description) project, which piloted cross-border corporate information exchange between Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is based on a vision of a digital Nordic economic area where companies could make use of a real-time digital business identity to manage, for example their tax and accounting obligations without paperwork or bureaucracy independent of their home country.

Project funding

The Virtual Finland project forms part of Finland’s Sustainable Growth Programme. A total of EUR 9 million in funding has been allocated to it from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). Finland supports the project by EUR 2 million. The project will be implemented in 2021–2025.

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Jukka Kyhäräinen, Project Manager,

Heikki Melolinna, Project Coordinator,