e-Service for civil society organisations

Civil society organisations (CSOs) apply for discretionary government transfer for their development cooperation projects via the e-Service.

Business identity code

In case your organisation does not have a business identity code, it must acquire one. Apply for a Business ID on form Y-1 of the Tax Administration, available on the Finnish Business Information System's website. Fill in the form and send it to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and Tax Administration

PRH-Verohallinto, Finnish Business Information System
PO Box 2000
00231 Helsinki

or take it to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, a local office of the Tax Administration, an ELY centre (centre for economic development, transport and the environment) or a Local Registry Office.

The Business ID can be obtained in about two working days after the application has been filed.  Organisations' Business ID is free of charge.

KATSO identification

After your organisation has obtained a Business ID, it must apply for a KATSO identifier (KATSO ID) at https://yritys.tunnistus.fi/main?locale=en.

The KATSO ID can be used by a person entitled to sign on behalf of the organisation. By using the KATSO ID, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs ascertains that the person submitting a project application has the right to represent the organisation.

To find out more about the KATSO identification system, go to the Tax Administration's website. The Tax Administration's support service will help you in case of problems related to the KATSO ID.

Foreign Ministry's e-Service account

Your organisation must register with the Foreign Ministry's e-Service and open an e-Service account. Return the completed forms and all appendices via the e-Service account. Use the KATSO ID to sing in on the e-Service, in the same way as you sign in on your bank account online.

Additional information

If you have any questions related to the e-Service, please contact the desk officer responsible for matters concerning your organisation.

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office and the Tax Administration's local offices serve you in business ID matters. For inquiries concerning the KATSO ID, please phone the KATSO service point on +358 20 697 040 or e-mail katso@vero.fi.

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