National Security Authority

In its capacity of the National Security Authority (NSA) in Finland, the Foreign Ministry directs the national NSA activities and, for example, is responsible for the preparation of international information security agreements.

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The National Security Authority in Finland

The National Security Authority (NSA) is a separate unit at the Foreign Ministry reporting directly to the Secretary of State.

In accordance with the provisions of the Act on international information security obligations (Laki kansainvälisistä tietoturvallisuusvelvoitteista 588/2004), the NSA is responsible for steering and monitoring activities to ensure that international classified information sent to Finland is protected and handled appropriately.

The protection and processing instructions are based on the obligations that Finland has on the basis of the EU’s security regulations and bilateral and multilateral information security agreements.

The agreements provide a framework for Finland and Finnish companies in which they can take part in projects which require the exchange of classified information.

National Security Authority

  • coordinates the activities of the Designated Security Authorities (DSAs) and cooperates with them;
  • issues international Personnel Security Clearance Certificates (PSC Certificate) and Facility Security Clearances (FSC), and handles Request for Visit (RfV). In matters pertaining to Facility Clearance Certificates and Request for Visit, contact the NSA:

Information security agreements

Designated Security Authorities in Finland

The Ministry of Defence, the Defence Command and the Finnish Security Intelligence Service are Designated Security Authorities (DSAs) with specific areas of their own in the entire field of responsibilities of the NSA.

The National Communications Security Authority (NSCA) specialises in information assurance matters in cases concerning technical information security and the security of telecommunications.

Links to the websites of the DSAs: