A diverse world, universal human rights

Finland is a strong advocate of promoting and protecting universal human rights. Our foreign and security policy is based on human rights, and we assess the human rights impacts of all of our foreign and security policy actions.

Multilateral cooperation plays a key role in resolving the diverse challenges facing the world today. Finland is a staunch supporter of the multilateral system, and we work continuously to strengthen the role of the United Nations and its human rights institutions. In our view, mainstreaming human rights across the UN is fundamental, as human rights, peace and security, and development are interlinked and mutually reinforcing. Promoting human rights is a cross-cutting priority in the implementation of UN reforms.

The Human Rights Council is a cornerstone of the multilateral system. It is indispensable in promoting and protecting human rights for all, including the most vulnerable.  Finland is committed to working in close cooperation with all stakeholders in the Human Rights Council. Finland is honoured to serve as a member of the Council during the 2022–2024 term.


Press release on Finland's election to the UN Human Rights Council

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