Unit for Public International Law

The Unit for Public International Law is responsible for:

  • the development of public international law
  • the provision of expertise, advice and opinions on public international law
  • the preparation of international treaties and national legislation in cooperation with the Unit for Treaty Law, particularly where they relate to the development of public international law
  • contribution to the work of international organisations relating to the Unit's responsibilities
  • legal questions relating to the United Nations
  • issues relating to international judicial and investigative bodies, unless the issue falls within the competence of another organisational unit
  • national sanctions legislation in accordance with international obligations binding on Finland
  • issues relating to the suppression of international terrorism.


  • OIK-10@formin.fi


Sari Mäkelä
  • +358 295 351 446
Henrietta Hindström
Desk Officer
  • +358 295 350 225
Elina Lemmetty
Desk Officer
  • +358 295 350 198
Tarja Långström
Desk Officer
international law issues
  • +358 295 351 445
Tiina Ranne
Legal Counsellor
  • +358 295 350 311

Sanctions Team


  • Pakotteet.um@formin.fi
Mikael Ruotsi
Legal Officer
  • Mikael.Ruotsi@formin.fi
  • +358 295 350 826

E-mail addresses are in the form: forename.surname@formin.fi. Scandinavian characters are replaced by: ä=a, ö=o, å=a.