Travel insurance

We recommend that you always take out a comprehensive travel insurance. The European Health Insurance Card does not cover the costs of transporting patients to Finland from abroad.

Check the coverage of your insurance

Read the terms and conditions of your travel insurance. Check the coverage and validity of your travel insurance before travelling especially if you are heading to a risk-prone area, if you are pregnant or if you have an illness. If a pre-existing illness or injury gets worse abroad, the insurance companies do not always reimburse the costs of medical care or they reimburse the costs only to a limited extent.

If you do injury-prone sports (such as scuba diving, climbing, aviation or martial arts), you should take particular care to ensure that you have a sufficient insurance cover.

If you fall ill, contact your insurance company

If you fall ill, contact your insurance company’s emergency services. They will tell you what you should do, and they can contact the physician treating you and, if necessary, make arrangements to get you home.  

Finnish missions and honorary consuls abroad will help you, too, if you are in distress abroad. If Finland does not have a diplomatic mission in the country where you are, you can always turn to a mission of any other EU Member State.  

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