Service Centre for Entry Permits

The Visa Unit of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki handles requests for advice on residence permit and visa matters mainly via email to Contacts by phone, Mon-Wed, between 10:00 and 11:00 via the Government switchboard on +358 295 16001.

Service Centre for Entry Permits

The Service Centre for Entry Permits is responsible for the processing of visa applications in cooperation with the missions of Finland in Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines but the authority to grant visas remains with each mission. The Service Centre, which is a separate unit under the Consular Services of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, employs approximately 40 staff. The Service Centre is located in Kouvola. 

  • The main task of the Service Centre is to process visa applications.
  • The Service Centre is responsible for supporting the electronic processing of visa applications, providing training, and handling user ID matters necessary for the systems.
  • The Service Centre also participates in the development and maintenance of systems for outsourced visa processing and in the coordination related to the EU’s Schengen Visa Information System.
  • Users of the national visa system get training and advice in problem situations from the Service Centre’s visa support team.



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Maahantulolupa-asioiden palvelukeskus
PL 98

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Kauppamiehenkatu 4


Sandra Hatzidakis

Administrative services

Satu Meilahti
Administrative Officer

National Visa Support Team

Jari Kähärä

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