Consular services at diplomatic missions

The Finnish diplomatic and consular missions abroad have the responsibility to advise, guide and help the consular service recipient to handle matters independently. The missions also provide assistance to people in distress abroad.

What do consular services include?

Diplomatic and consular missions can

  • help a person who becomes ill, or is an accident or crime victim, to obtain medical care and other immediate assistance required by the situation.
  • help persons in emergency and crisis situations, and persons deprived of their liberty, to make contact with the next of kin.
  • grant a temporary passport for the return trip in place of a passport that has been lost, stolen, destroyed or has expired (NB. honorary consulates cannot issue a passport).
  • advise on how to obtain money through a bank or other money transfer service.
  • transmit funds to assist those in distress.
  • make contact with an insurance company in the event of illness or death.

Diplomatic and consular missions cannot

  • act contrary to the law of the host country.
  • perform tasks belonging to other authorities.
  • pay hotel, hospital or other bills, fines or bail.
  • pay the expenses incurred by hiring a lawyer or an interpreter.
  • give guarantees or make financial commitments.
  • act as a lawyer or legal advisor.
  • intervene in court proceedings or demand a specific court decision.
  • release an arrested or imprisoned person.

Honorary consulates (honorary consuls)

  • Honorary consulates can guide and assist in contacts with the local authorities or the nearest Finnish embassy or consulate
  • Honorary consulates’ possibilities to provide assistance are limited, nor for instance can they grant a passport.

If there is no Finnish diplomatic or consular mission in the destination country

If there is no Finnish diplomatic or consular mission in the destination country, assistance can be obtained from the diplomatic missions of the other Nordic countries and, outside the European Union, also from the diplomatic missions of other EU Member States(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window).

Unit for Consular Assistance in the Foreign Ministry

The Unit for Consular Assistance in the Foreign Ministry coordinates the consular affairs of diplomatic missions and honorary consulates abroad and serves as their contact point in the home country.

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