Support for development research

Different channels of funding

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Academy of Finland provide joint funding to development research carried out by the Academy. Most research projects run for several years. Application instructions can be found on the development research page of the Academy of Finland(layout.types.url.description).

The Foreign Ministry also grants support to international research institutes and projects such as the Nordic Africa Institute(layout.types.url.description) and the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)(layout.types.url.description).

In addition, the Ministry grants support to some research institutions and programmes under multilateral organisations, such as the World Bank's Knowledge for Change Programme (KCP)(layout.types.url.description) and UNU -Wider(layout.types.url.description).

Development research is also supported as a part of Finland's country and regional programmes.

For further information about the funding, please contact the Unit for Development Policy.



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