EU trade agreements benefit Finnish companies

The EU has concluded a trade agreement with approximately 70 non-EU countries. These agreements facilitate also the access of Finnish companies' products and services to the contracting partner markets.   The Ministry for Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Finance and the Finnish Customs have prepared a set of guidelines for companies on how to make use of the tariff reductions offered by EU trade agreements. The agreements are beneficial for consumers as well in that they allow a wider range of products and services and the possibility of lower prices. On the macro level, the trade agreements have a positive influence on Finland's economic growth, employment and competitiveness.  

The EU, and Finland as part of it, has a trade agreement with Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, Japan and Singapore, for example. An agreement with Vietnam entered into force on 1 August 2020. The entry into force of an updated agreement between the EU and Mexico is under preparation.

Negotiations are ongoing with several trading partners, including Indonesia and Chile. Negotiations with Mercosur were concluded in June 2019.

An overview of EU trade agreements:

The EU's trade agreements and trade facilitation agreements with third countries

How can businesses take advantage of the EU’s trade agreements and save on customs duties? (pdf, 274 Kt)

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