Personnel Security Clearance Certificates

In Finland, all Personnel Security Clearance Certificates (PSC Certificate) required by virtue of international information security obligations are issued by the National Security Authority (NSA), which is a unit at the Foreign Ministry.

The Act on international information security obligations (Laki kansainvälisistä tietoturvallisuusvelvoitteista 588/2004) was amended on 1 January 2015.

The old affirmation form has been withdrawn from use. After 1 January 2015, the NSA will take up only new Application for a personnel security certificate (PSC) forms, duly completed and signed by the person concerned.

For a PSC certificate a security clearance is made. The security clearance is made on a form available on the website of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) Send the completed form, signed by the person subject to clearance, to the NSA together with the PSC application.

PSC-certificate request form 2023

PSC-certificate request form filling instructions

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