Applying for export authorisation for dual-use items

A company must have an authorisation for exporting dual-use items subject to controls outside the European Union. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is the national licensing authority controlling the exports of dual-use items from Finland. You can apply for an export authorisation in the ministry's e-Services and you can choose between individual, global and general export authorisation.

In EU Internal Market trade (trade between EU Member States), an authorisation is only required for extremely sensitive items, such as nuclear materials and equipment. These items are listed in Annex IV to Council Regulation (EC) No 428/2009.


You can apply for an export authorisation for dual-use items using the electronic application and notification forms available in the e-Services of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. You can use the e-Services free of charge and no separate permits or software are required.

Katso ID

Using the e-Services requires identification with the Katso ID provided by the Finnish Tax Administration. The user interface of the e-Services is browser-based and the data communications is secured with SSL technology.

For more information about the Katso service and obtaining a Katso ID, visit the website of the Finnish Tax Administration.