Applying for export authorisation for dual-use items

Companies must obtain an authorisation for exporting dual-use items subject to controls outside the European Union. In Finland, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is the national competent authority responsible for granting export authorisations for dual-use items.  Export authorisations are applied for in the Ministry’s e-services.  The e-services can be used free of charge and separate permits or special software are not needed. Both individual, global and general export authorisations are available.

In intra-EU trade, that is, deliveries within the European Union, an authorisation is only required for extremely sensitive items, such as nuclear materials, facilities and equipment. The items are listed in Annex IV of Council Regulation (EC) No 428/2009. (Link to another website.)


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence started to use their common E-services(Link to another website.) and the e-services in autumn 2020.

User instructions can be accessed at the bottom of the page. What is different in the new e-services is that you fill in the forms directly in the system. 

Proving your identity in the e-services

As a rule, customers log in to the e-services using their Suomi-fi IDs. In the new e-services, you can use Katso IDs until 31 December 2020.

Since Katso IDs are not automatically transferred to the e-services, you must apply for IDs necessary for export control authorisations separately. You can either save a form that you have started to fill in using your Katso IDs before the IDs are removed from use on 31 December 2020, or complete a new application in the new e-service.

We recommend that you apply for IDs well before 31 December 2020, when the Katso IDs will be discontinued.

You can apply for IDs in the e-services. Please read the instructions(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) on the website of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

In export control matters, companies are responsible for applying for export licences for dual-use items(Link to another website.) 

For more information about the online Katso IDs, visit the website of the Finnish Tax Administration.