Do you suspect misuse of development cooperation funds?

You can report any suspicion of the misuse of development cooperation funds, such as bribery, embezzlement or other actions that are in conflict with the conditions applying to the use of the funding. All reports are handled either at the Foreign Ministry or referred to other public authorities.

Finland's development cooperation activities are funded from public tax revenue. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for monitoring the use of the allocated funds and ensuring that there is no misuse.

You can make a report here(Link to another website.).

We take all suspicions of misuse seriously.

How are reports of misuse handled?

The Ministry deals with all reports confidentially. Our investigations may take time. By leaving your contact information, the process could take less time.  You can also submit an anonymous report.

Legal matters

Many legal issues must be taken into account when a report is submitted. Please study the information carefully before you fill in the report.