Passport types and passport fees abroad

Passport fee

The passport fee is paid when submitting the passport application. The fee is charged even if you are refused a passport. In countries where a passport can be sent by post, the mission will charge the postal fees in advance.

You can find passport fees in the service price list.

Passport types

Ordinary passport

The processing fee for passport applications submitted at Finnish missions abroad is EUR 140. It can take between one week and several weeks to receive an ordinary passport.

Fast-track passport

Finnish missions abroad can also issue fast-track passports. The processing fee for a fast-track passport is EUR 160. A fast-track passport is delivered 2–3 days faster than an ordinary passport.

Express passport

It is not currently possible to apply for an express passport at Finnish missions abroad.

Temporary and emergency passports

In exceptional cases, we can issue a temporary passport, which costs EUR 175. In exceptional situations, a hand-written emergency passport can be issued for a one-way trip for a fee of EUR 160.

Special passports

For a national seafarer’s card, a temporary alien’s passport or a laissez-passer, as well as for an Emergency Travel Document (EDT) issued for EU citizens for a single journey home, Finnish missions charge EUR 140.

Passports for veterans of Finnish wars

Front-line veterans of the Finnish wars and persons who took part in mine clearing in 1945–1952 are entitled to a passport that is valid for over one year at EUR 60 (price reduced under the Decree). For a fast-track passport, they are charged the normal price as set in the Decree.


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