Unit for Public Diplomacy

The Unit for Public Diplomacy plans and directs the country branding work of the Foreign Service and is responsible for producing and implementing the content of country branding work in cooperation with stakeholders. The unit serves as the Secretariat of the Finland Promotion Board, which directs country branding work and is responsible for its coordination at the national level.

The main duties of the Unit for Public Diplomacy are:

  1. planning, directing and implementing public diplomacy and country branding work in the Foreign Service
  2. producing content and services for country branding work and country branding communications for the Ministry and its missions abroad
  3. national coordination of country branding as the Secretariat of the Finland Promotion Board
  4. provision of expert services within the Finland Promotion Board, including coordination and production of international web communications supporting country branding


  • VIE-50@formin.fi

Post address

Unit for Public Diplomacy
PO Box 176

Visiting address

Kanavakatu 3 C

Laura Kamras
Laura Kamras
  • +358 295 351 558
Hanna Öunap
Content and Communications Specialist
  • +358 295 350 118
Henriikka Ahtiainen
  • +358 295 350 617
Mika Hammarén
Communications Officer
public diplomacy
  • +358 295 351 316
Elina Järvenpää
Communications Assistant
  • +358 295 350 481
Piritta Kaartio
Communications Officer
  • +358 295 351 116
Peter Marten
Managing Editor
  • +358 295 351 132
Anna Ruohonen
Web Editor (Russian), thisisFINLAND.fi
  • +358 295 351 022
Evita Tuovinen

E-mail addresses are in the form: forename.surname@formin.fi. Scandinavian characters are replaced by: ä=a, ö=o, å=a.