Under-Secretary of State (Foreign and Security Policy)

Foreign and Security Policy, Europe, Russia, Central Asia

The Under-Secretary of State assists the Minister and the Secretary of State, who serves as Permanent State Secretary.  The duties include participating in the handling of matters that fall under the mandate of the Secretary of State, promoting and coordinating the management of international affairs carried out by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and other public authorities, coordinating the handling of matters that fall under the area of her responsibilities in the Ministry, and following the activities of the departments in the Ministry that are of key importance from the point of view of her responsibilities.


  • AVS-POL@formin.fi

Post address

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
PO Box 176

Visiting address

Laivastokatu 3 G


Kai Sauer
Under-secretary of State
foreign and security policy
  • +358 29 535 0341
  • +358 9 160 550 30
Sisko Honkavaara
Executive Secretary
  • +358 9 160 550 31
  • +358 295 350 512
Mari Mäkinen
Adviser to the Under-Secretary of State
  • +358 295 350 104

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