Evaluation Manual

Evaluations are independent and impartial assessments on Finland’s development policy and cooperation. They produce information on the achievement of development policy goals and help the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) to understand what works and why. On this basis, the evaluations produce knowledge and recommendations to the management that are used to further develop the quality of development policy and cooperation.

Web-based Evaluation Manual(Link to another website.) 

The primary users of the Evaluation Manual are officials who commission and manage evaluations and evaluator experts who conduct evaluations, both in Finland and in the partner countries. The Evaluation Manual is also intended more widely to anyone interested in the evaluation of Finland's development policy and cooperation.

The language of the manual is English. The first part of the manual presents the key concepts of development evaluation, as well as international norms and standards. The second part guides the evaluation process step-by-step.

The Evaluation Manual is accompanied by templates and tools that can be downloaded from below.