Finland’s support to Ukraine

Finland supports Ukraine and its neighbouring countries affected by the war in many ways.

Since the start of the year, Finland has granted EUR 15 million to Ukraine in the form of additional humanitarian assistance and development cooperation funds. Out of this sum, EUR 9.2 million is humanitarian assistance, which will be channelled to those in need through the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Finland will also provide material assistance to Ukraine as necessary. Material assistance has been sent through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (e.g. tents, medical supplies, fire engines and ambulances). Based on Ukraine’s requests, Finland is preparing to provide further material assistance. Finland has also provided protective military equipment and arms assistance to Ukraine.

An expert from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland has been seconded to the European Emergency Response Coordination Centre to support the Centre in matters relating to nuclear safety in Ukraine.

Support to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries

It is also important to support the neighbouring countries of Ukraine, such as Moldova, to which huge numbers of people are fleeing Ukraine. They need help.

Finland has sent experts to Moldova to assist in the coordination of rescue services and provided material assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (including emergency shelter for 5,000 people).

Support channelled through the EU

The EU is continuing its political, economic and humanitarian support of Ukraine. The Commission has announced that it will make available a total of nearly EUR 550 million of support to respond to the humanitarian consequences of the war in Ukraine and its neighbouring areas.

In addition, the EU countries will allocate EUR 1 billion in support of Ukraine’s armed forces. Support will be delivered in the form of equipment and supplies, such as fuel, medical equipment and arms.