Finland supports Ukraine

Finland is using many ways to support Ukraine against Russia’s aggression as well as Ukraine’s neighbouring countries that are affected by the war. Since February 2022, Finland has allocated around 2,2 billion euros in aid to Ukraine.

Finland’s defence materiel assistance to Ukraine totals around EUR 1.5 billion. Finland has allocated to Ukraine about EUR 574 million as humanitarian assistance and development cooperation and around EUR 18 million as material assistance through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism.

Finland has granted humanitarian assistance to address acute distress and increased and adjusted its development cooperation efforts to better respond to Ukraine’s immediate needs and to strengthen its resilience against Russia’s aggression. 

Finland provides material assistance based on requests from Ukraine. Material assistance is delivered through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Material assistance matters are coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior.(Link to another website.)

Finland has also been sending defence materiel assistance to Ukraine.

Support to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries

Finland has channelled EUR one million as humanitarian assistance through the UN Refugee Agency (UNCHR) to support Ukrainians who have fled to Moldova. 

EUR 0.5 million has been channelled through the United Nations Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) to help persons with disabilities who have fled the war in Ukraine to Moldova and Georgia.

Support channelled through the EU

The EU continues its strong support to Ukraine by means of humanitarian assistance, macro-financial assistance, emergency logistical hubs, energy sector support, and trade policy measures. In addition, the EU Member States have supported Ukraine’s armed forces through the European Peace Facility (EPF). Support will be delivered in the form of equipment and supplies, such as fuel, medical equipment and arms. 



The website was updated on 5 December 2023.