Media Service

The Department for Communications of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs serves both Finnish and foreign media in questions on the Foreign Service.


Services to international media

The Department for Communications of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for networking and maintaining contacts with representatives of international media in Finland and globally.

The Department organises dozens of visits for journalists every year, focusing on themes that are central for Finland.

It assists in media arrangements related to state visits and in preparing programmes for visits of foreign journalists. Visits focusing on cultural diplomacy are also organised on a regular basis.

Inquiries: Coordinator, Katja Karppinen-Njock,  Director of the Unit for Global Communications, tel. +358 295 351 948

The Ministry’s Department for Communications handles matters relating to the accreditation of foreign journalists during presidential elections and parliamentary elections in Finland. It also assists them in practical arrangements and communication with Finnish political actors.

International Press Center

The International Press Center (IPC) in Helsinki, which is part of the Unit for Communications on Current Affairs, offers services to resident foreign correspondents.  The IPC can help visiting foreign journalist to set up interviews with people representing various fields in the Finnish society. 

If you are a foreign correspondent working in Finland, you can apply for accreditation. 

The IPC press card identifies its holder as a journalist working for international media. Please note, that the press card is not mandatory to perform journalistic activities in Finland. In addition when attending special events you still need to fill a separate application.

Inquiries: Hanni Hyvärinen
tel. +358 295 350 196
Email: presscenter(at)