Obtaining documents or addresses from abroad

A document corresponding to an extract from the Population Register may be necessary, for example, for an estate inventory in Finland. As a rule, you can handle the matter directly with the local authorities. Check the procedure observed in the country in question from finlandabroad.fi. Based on the amendments to the Consular Services Act that entered into force on 1 May 2019, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and its missions abroad handle only requests made for certain special reasons.

Check the procedure in the country in question

Visit the Finland abroad online service to check if the documents you need are available and what needs to be done to get the documents in question from the local authorities. If you cannot obtain the required information, a printable document that explains the matter can be accessed on the page. (Travelling and services > Family and citizenship >Inquiries concerning extracts from the population register and address inquiries)

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs can help in obtaining documents only in cases where there is a special reason for it (Consular Services Act, section 30). For example, the authorities may submit certain information only to a diplomatic mission.

In that case, you should request the information from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs via its e-service. Obtaining the document or address must be justified from the point of view of the implementation of the interests, rights or obligations of a person or entity submitting the request. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs continues to provide this service to other authorities in the form of executive assistance.

Obtaining an address

Guidance for address inquiries is available on the Finland abroad online service, too.

You can also ask information from missions of foreign countries based in Finland.

Submitting a request

Instructions for submitting a request involving executive assistance to another authority or a request for a private individual for specific reasons:

  1. Log in to our e-services.
  2. Private persons should use their bank access codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card to identify themselves. Organisations and businesses need a Katso ID to log in to the service.
  3. Fill in the form very carefully and send it.
  4. Alternatively, you can send the request to the Registry of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs: kirjaamo.um@formin.fi or by post to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, PO Box 176, 00023 Government.

Service fee

The Foreign Ministry charges EUR 100 per a request for each country. The fee is charged even if the information cannot be obtained or in case you cancel the request. Should the local authorities charge a payment for the document from the mission, the cost becomes payable by the client.

Read more: Finland abroad online service and virkatodistus.um@formin.fi