Values of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

On this page you will find the values ​​of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the human resources strategy based on them.

Our value statements

In the picture, the parent leads the child over the guardrail. In the background you can see the city skyline, houses, windmills and the train.

  • We work for Finland and a better world. We promote the security, success and wellbeing of Finland and it's people in Finland and around the world. We foster fair and sustainable development. ​

The woman is holding a magnifying glass with the Foreign Ministry logo, which connects to the balls in the background through dashed lines. Inside the balls are objects that symbolize a variety of things, including the Twitter logo, lock, envelope, globe, hashtag, three bars symbolizing statistics, pieces symbolizing people, two wheels, and a placemark.

  • We seek new perspectives. The world is changing – and so are we. We dare to question and are not afraid of experimenting with ideas. We believe in progress and focus on what is essential.

A man and a woman climb stairs formed by message bubbles towards a lighted lamp.

  • We find solutions together. We keep an open mind and respect the opinions of others. We share information and knowledge and create partnerships. Finnish solutions offer answers worldwide.

Different colored people's hands with pen, tablet, phone, coffee cup, computer mouse.

  • We embrace diversity. Different backgrounds and a broad range of duties enrich the workplace. Each staff member's input is important and all are needed to achieve results. Together we are more than the sum of our parts.

Human Resources Strategy

Human Resources Strategy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs 2021–2025