EEP Africa supports environmental and energy innovations

The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) was launched in eastern and southern Africa in 2010. Today, EEP Africa is a fund administered by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF).

The fund supports improved access to and use of clean energy, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly business activities in 15 countries in southern and eastern Africa. Project applications must clearly state that the business activities have the capacity for viable operation without support after the funding period has expired.

There are two funding windows. From the first one, it is possible to apply for grants or interest-free loans for the initial phase of commercialisation. The second option is to get EUR 0.2– 1 million in the form of a loan, guarantees or other risk sharing instruments designed for further development or expansion of business activities.

The EEP was originally launched in Central American countries and in the Andean region (these programmes have ended) and then expanded to the Mekong region in Southeast Asia in 2009 (this programme continued until the end of 2018).

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