Twinning instructions

Twinning projects can be implemented by public sector organisations or by other public bodies mandated by the Commission. Member States may take part in projects either independently or in cooperation with another Member State.

The instructions regulating Twinning are found in the Twinning Manual and its annexes drawn up by the Commission. The Manual and the annexes are available on this page.

The revised Twinning Manual was published in June 2017. It has entered into force on 1 July and will be applied to all projects launched from that date onwards. The version published in 2014 still applies to projects launched before 1 July 2017.

The bodies implementing the projects are selected via a call for proposals open to all EU countries. Each Member State may submit only one proposal, which is why we kindly ask you to inform us as early as possible if you are planning to submit a proposal. You can contact us by email at twinning(at)

National Twinning and TAIEX Coordination Team

The Twinning Team of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs helps agencies with the preparation and implementation of projects. You can contact us whenever you need more information on Twinning.

National Twinning and Taiex Coordination Team

Visiting address:

Laivastokatu 22 G

Postal address:

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
National Twinning and Taiex Coordination Team
PO Box 429


Tiina Järvelä
  • Desk Officer, Twinning coordination
  • tel. +358 295 351 555

Leena Koivisto

  • Desk Officer, TAIEX coordination
  • tel. +358 295 350 557