Instructions on searching for sanctions regulations

Regulations and decisions on sanctions are available in the Official Journal of the European Union.

You can find regulations and decisions on sanctions in the Official Journal of the European Union.(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) The regulations and decisions can be searched, the latest, however, with a slight delay, in all of the official languages of the EU in the EUR-Lex database.(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)

EUR-Lex is the database for the legal texts and other public documents of the EU.

Sanctions regulations can be searched for example by the reference number, which on the list of current restrictive measures (sanctions) found on the  European External Action Service(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) website.

Provisions which are directly binding on Finnish economic actors are contained in EU Council Regulations.

The page for a regulation displays the original regulation and also lists any subsequent amendments made to it. There are also consolidated versions of certain regulations, which include the original regulation and amendments made within a certain timeframe. However, these are produced with varying rates of delay, which is why it is advisable to check the bibliographic information to see whether amendments have been made to the regulation since the last consolidated version.

Restrictions on the export of firearms and restrictions on admission are based on EU Council resolutions. You will find a link to these as well on the country-specific sanctions pages.

The bibliographic information of different regulations can also be found directly through the search function of the EUR-Lex database.(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window)

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