Working on the strategy

The strategy process started in early 2020 with preparations within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the rest of the central government.  In the spring and summer of 2020, the strategy has been prepared in central government thematic workgroups and the process continues together with stakeholders in the autumn 2020. The aim is to have the strategy ready by late autumn 2020.

The strategy is being developed via four central themes:

  • peace and security
  • trade and economy
  • climate, environment and natural resources
  • education and expertise

The preparations take cross-sectionally into account in matters such as young people, the situation of women, questions related to migration, and the value system (human rights, democracy, states ruled by law, and equality) of Finland’s foreign policy.

Developing the strategy together

The entire strategy process enables participation and discussion. In the autumn 2020, there will be five stakeholder events for hearing the views of civil society, businesses, the research and scientific community as well as young people regarding the themes.

In addition, ministers will discuss the strategy in meetings with their African counterparts, meetings of Finnish embassies in Africa, African embassies in Finland and with the members of the African diaspora in Finland.

A comprehensive steering group, chaired by State Secretary Johanna Sumuvuori, is in charge of preparing the strategy. Members of the steering group include representatives from all ministries.