Money transfers abroad

If you have run out of money abroad, you should first ask friends or relatives to transfer money into your bank account or a remittance abroad. Money can also be transferred from your own bank account to the Foreign Ministry's bank account. The mission can consider an ‘undertaking to repay’ agreement for your travel home only in exceptional circumstances.  

You can ask a family member or friend in Finland to transfer money abroad via, for example, the following companies

The recipient of the payment must be able to verify their identity by means of an official ID (such as a passport) upon collecting the money. 

There is no free consular transport home

If you are stranded and need funds for your travel back to Finland and you do not succeed to do so by the above means, the mission can arrange a sum of money (plus EUR 40 transaction fee) to be transferred from your account into the Ministry's account. The deposit can also be made by someone else you have named.  The funds can be paid from the mission's till only after the transfer has taken place.

If you are staying abroad temporarily and in distress caused by crime, serious illness or any other similar reason and it is not possible to receive a deposit, the mission may in exceptional cases  consider assistance against  an ‘undertaking to repay’ agreement for travel home using the most affordable means of travel.

The assistance against an ‘undertaking to repay’ agreement is distrainable without a separate decision.


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