Support for work against impunity

The Legal Service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs grants annually discretionary government transfers in accordance with the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers for work against impunity.

The discretionary government transfers are meant to support international activities aiming to fight impunity for the most serious crimes (such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes) and/or to improve the position and rights of victims of such crimes.

There are no specific deadlines for applications, but transfers may be granted throughout the year within the available appropriations.

Applications are assessed and funding is granted on the basis of how significant the project’s impact is estimated to be and how suitable the activity in question is seen to be for Finland’s foreign policy goals and priorities in the field of public international law  when it comes to work against impunity.

In line with Finland's objectives, priority is given to project support and/or general support that directly or indirectly benefits the field of operations of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

For more information on the discretionary government transfers, the application procedure and the general conditions for the use of transfers, please contact the Unit for Public International Law of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (



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