The Finnish Presidency 2021-2023

Finland is pleased to be chairing the Barents Euro-Arctic Council during two years from October 2021 until October 2023. The Barents cooperation has been one of the key cornerstones of regional cooperation in the Arctic since 1993, and remains a high priority for Finland. The year 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the Barents cooperation with the intention to celebrate it in the highest political level subjected to the circumstances.

Agenda 2030, the European Green Deal and the Barents Programme 2019–23 all form the basic starting points for Finland’s Presidency activities in the Barents Euro-Arctic Council.

We will focus on the areas of sustainable development and healthy environment, people-to-people contact and transport and logistics.

The regions are key drivers of the people-to-people Barents cooperation. In the people-to-people contacts, special focus will be on the young people, who hold the key to the future of the Barents region to maintain it lively and fostering.

Peace, stability, well-functioning cooperation and low level of tension with our Arctic neighbors has been and remains at the top of Finland’s foreign policy agenda.