Biennial evaluation of Pegase DFS to the Palestinian Authority

The evaluation covers a two-year period from January 2018 to December 2019 and provides an overall independent assessment of the performance of the PEGASE Direct Financial Support (DFS) paying particular attention to its results measured against expected objectives and the reasons underpinning such results. It provides key lessons learned, conclusions and related recommendations in order to improve current and future PEGASE programmes.

Finland supports Palestinian statebuilding by contributing financial support through the EU Pegase-mechanism. The mechanism supports operative costs of the Palestinian budget. The aim is to strengthen the efficiency and accountability of Palestinian institutions as well as access to equal and inclusive basic services. The Pegase-mechanism channels funding to 1) civil servant salaries and pensions, 2) social security for poor families, and 3) special mecial care treatments in hospitals in East Jerusalem. Finland's support in 2022 is 1,678 MEUR and will be channelled in support of the East Jerusalem hospitals. Finland has been supporting the Pegase-mechanism since 2009.

The report is available on the European Union website(Link to another website.).