Foreign Minister Valtonen to attend N5 meeting of Nordic foreign ministers

The N5 meeting of the Nordic Foreign Ministers will be held remotely on 13 December.

The foreign ministers will discuss topical foreign and security policy issues, such as Russia’s illegal war of aggression in Ukraine, support for Ukraine, the situation in the Middle East and UN issues.  

“It is important to have a chance to exchange views regularly with our closest partners,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Elina Valtonen.

This is the last N5 foreign minister meeting under the Icelandic Presidency. Next year, N5 meetings will be chaired by Sweden.


  • Johanna Lukkarila, Diplomatic Adviser to Minister for Foreign Affairs Valtonen, tel.  +358 295 350 834
  • Christina Lehtinen, Deputy Director of the Unit for Northern Europe, tel. +358 295 351 787
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