Foreign Minister Haavisto to attend the Foreign Affairs Council

EU foreign ministers will convene in Brussels on 21 February. The main items on the meeting agenda are the European security situation, climate diplomacy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, preparation of the joint council of the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the EU cyber exercise. The ministers will also hold an informal exchange with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. Under current affairs, the foreign ministers will briefly take stock of the situation in Mali. The Council is expected to adopt conclusions on climate diplomacy and on Coordinated Maritime Presences.

The ministers will discuss the European security situation as a follow-up to the Foreign Affairs Council on 24 January. Issues under consideration include Russia’s military build-up close to Ukraine’s borders, as well as the immediate security situation in Ukraine and, more widely, in Europe. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba will attend a ministerial breakfast meeting.

“The European Union and Finland firmly support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Russia has the responsibility for the de-escalation of the situation”, Minister for Foreign Affairs Haavisto says.

The ministers will exchange views on climate diplomacy, focusing on the implementation of the results from the Glasgow Climate Change Conference (COP26) and on EU’s advocacy work. The Council will adopt conclusions on the matter.

With regard to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Council will discuss the country’s political situation, constitutional reform and reform of election legislation, as well as further measures by the EU. The discussion will build on the Foreign Affairs Council discussions in autumn 2021.

In connection with the Council, a joint council will be held with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The foreign ministers will prepare the joint council at the Foreign Affairs Council. Finland supports the deepening of regional cooperation between the EU and GCC across various sectors.

The foreign ministers will also hold a scenario-based discussion as part of the EU cyber exercise carried out during the French EU Presidency. France launched the exercise in January 2022. Based on the scenario, the Council will discuss, among other things, the cyber security measures and tools of the Member States, the European External Action Service (EAAS) and the Commission.

In addition to the climate diplomacy conclusions, the Council is also expected to adopt conclusions on Coordinated Maritime Presences.



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