Kauppapolitiikka: A hole the size of Russia

The absence of Russia among our trade partners will affect the lives of people and businesses in many ways.

The sudden halt in trade following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has hit hard Finnish companies who were engaged in trade with Russia. You can see the change in the streets of Imatra and Lappeenranta, too. However, the locals are realistically calm: people understand the magnitude of the issues we are facing, and they stand firm behind the sanctions.

The September issue of the Kauppapolitiikka magazine describes how Russia has driven itself offside in the eyes of the Western community and how the unprecedented economic sanctions against Russia have affected the Russian economy. So far, the EU Member States and its partners have held their ground, but happens with the sanctions come winter?

In the interview section, heavyweight entrepreneur Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo reminds that Finland must not lose its special status in China.

Other topics covered in the September issue are the mineral recipe for the green transition, hybrid influence activities, use of artificial intelligence, and selling skills. In addition, the issue explores the increasingly green markets in Türkiye.

The latest issue of the Kauppapolitiikka magazine (in Finnish only) will be distributed to subscribers in late September. You can read the stories online(Link to another website.) or subscribe to the magazine(Link to another website.) for free.

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