Human rights based approach to development

This Guidance note aims to support the implementation of the human rights based approach (HRBA) in development cooperation. It clarifies concepts related to the HRBA and provides practical advice for Foreign Service officials and the Ministry's partners when applying the approach.

In Finland's development policy, the realisation of human rights is a key objective. The promotion of human rights also contributes to global peace, stability, justice and sustainable development. The HRBA can help in achieving these objectives.

In the implementation of development cooperation, the HRBA refers to a consistent incorporation of human rights in development cooperation. Finland is committed to strengthening human rights by means of effective development cooperation and practices that increase equality, participation, transparency and accountability.

Moreover, Finland makes a point of its intent to enhance the capacities of rights-holders, duty-bearers and other responsible actors in their active role

The Guidance note discusses the definition of HRBA to development and Finland's viewpoint to its implementation. It covers the implementation of the HRBA in the most central channels of development cooperation: bilateral, multilateral and civil society cooperation as well as private sector instruments. Political and policy dialogue that supports the HRBA is also dealt with in this Guidance note.

Human Rights Based Approach in Finlands Development Cooperation - Guidance Note 2015 (pdf, 32 pages, 1,18 Mb) (Opens New Window)

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