Developmental Evaluation of Business with Impact (BEAM) Programme

Developmental Evaluation of Business with Impact (BEAM) Programme

BEAM Mid-term evaluation report (PDF, 42 pages, 482 KB)

Business with Impact (BEAM) – a joint programme by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Tekes aims to assist Finnish enterprises address global development challenges by converting such challenges into successful and sustainable business. The programme supports Finnish companies, NGOs, research organisations, universities and others in developing, piloting and demonstrating innovations that improve well-being in poorer countries, while giving rise to international business opportunities for Finnish companies.

BEAM is a five-year programme with a total budget of EUR 50 million of which one half comes from private sector and the other one from public sector. The public share is equally financed by Tekes and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The implementation of the programme started in the beginning of 2015.

The developmental evaluation of BEAM programme begun in September 2015. This mid-term evaluation report compiles the results that have been produced this far by the ongoing evaluation process alongside the programme. In comparison to traditional evaluation, the objective of the developmental evaluation is to provide the programme management team with immediate feedback on the successful approaches and thus support the strategic learning as well as effectiveness and impact of the programme.

Individual evaluation reports:

D1.1 State-of-the-Art Analysis (PDF)

D1.2 Analysis of the Ramp-up Phase (PDF)

D1.3 Evaluability Analysis (PDF)

D1.3B Evaluability Conclusions and Recommendations (PDF)

D2.1 Meta-evaluation and Meta-analysis of MFA Innovation Programmes (PDF)

D2.2A BEAM Portfolio Analysis (in Finnish) (PDF)

D2.2B BEAM Participant Survey (PDF)

D2.2C Executive Summary of Portfolio Analysis and Participant Survey (PDF)

D2.3 Report of the First Evaluation Field Mission (PDF)

D3.1 Report of the Second Evaluation Field Mission in India (PDF)

D3.2 Concluding Remarks of BEAM Impact Workshop (PDF)

D3.3A BEAM Portfolio Analysis (PDF)

D3.3B Summary of Validation Workshop (PDF)

D3.4 Report of the Third Evaluation Field Mission in Vietnam and Southern Africa (PDF)

D3.5A Key Messages from the Developmental Evaluation of BEAM (PDF)

D3.5B Good Practices and Challenges in BEAM Projects (PDF)

Final evaluation report

Final Report of Developmental Evaluation of the BEAM Programme (link to publication in 2019)