External Review and Evaluation Services of Forestry Programmes in Tanzania

The External Review and Evaluation Team (ERET) is contracted for three years (2020-2023) to conduct annual reviews and Mid-Term Evaluations (MTE) of three forestry programmes: Forestry and Value Chain Development Programme (FORVAC), Participatory Plantation Forestry Programme phase 2 (PFP2), and Tree Outgrowers Support Programme (TOSP).

The first evaluation report from June 2021 included a MTE of FORVAC and annual reviews of PFP2 and TOSP. It stated, that all programmes show a high degree of relevance with respect to the Finnish and Tanzanian development policies and the needs of beneficiaries. Overall the quality of the results are generally satisfactory and good practices have been adopted, contributing to sustainable forest- and woodlot management. However, all programmes are having difficulties with the operationalisation of the human rights based approach and they have experienced delays due to various factors, including administrative issues, long planning periods, but also challenges in implemenation such as COVID-19 and heavy rains.

Evaluation Report

The External Review and Evaluation Team (ERET): The First Evaluation Report  (pdf, 199 pages, 3.2 MB)