External Review and Evaluation Services of Forestry Programmes in Tanzania

The External Review and Evaluation Team (ERET) is contracted for three years (2020-2023) to conduct Mid-Term Evaluations (MTE) and annual reviews of three forestry programmes: Forestry and Value Chain Development Programme (FORVAC), Participatory Plantation Forestry Programme phase 2 (PFP2), and Tree Outgrowers Support Programme (TOSP).

The second evaluation report from June 2022 included a MTE of PFP2 and annual reviews of FORVAC and TOSP. The evaluation found out, that both PFP2 and FORVAC have made considerable progress since last year, but overall progress is still affected by the delays experienced in the first two years of the programmes. The quality of implementation and technical support was found to be good in both programmes, but concerns remain with respect to the sustainability of some of the results.

The annual review of TOSP stated, that the programme made good progress in 2021 and most of the targets were met, although some of the targets have been revised and reduced.

Evaluation report

Report of Programmes Assessments 2022:
Mid-Term Evaluation PFP2 and annual reviews of FORVAC and TOSP
 (PDF, 173 pages, 3.2 MB)