Ex-Post Evaluation: The Juja Road Substation Renewal in Kenya

The evaluation is a part of a series of evaluations conducted on projects implemented with the terminated Concessional Credit instrument. These evaluations support the programming, development, and management of the Public Sector Investment Facility (PIF) instrument.

The Juja Road Substation was refurbished and modernized between 2014-2018. The substation increased after completion of related works and service its transmission and distribution (T&D) capacity from 255 MVA to 360 MVA, while improving by 90% its level of reliability.

The Project has been having a key relevance in improving electricity services in the Nairobi area and beyond at national level, in addition to benefit with stable, secure and reliable power supply to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. Thus, the Project has demonstrated a most relevant con-tribution to provide modern and efficient electricity services.

The evaluation report was received in October 2022. It is part of a series of evaluations on finalized concessional credit (CC) projects. The results are used to further develop CC’s successor, the PIF instrument.

The evaluation made recommendations on budgeting, networking with developing community, project promotion, project monitoring instruments (Logic Framework and Theory of Change) and project safeguards (ESIAs). Some of these have already been adopted in the PIF instrument.

Evaluation report

Ex-Post Evaluation of Concessional Credit Scheme Project: The Juja Road Substation Renewal in Kenya (pdf, 72 pages, 827 KB)