Manual for Bilateral Programmes 2018

The revised "Manual for Bilateral Programmes" replaces the version published in 2016. The new version of the manual provides updated instructions on how the MFA guidelines on Result Based Management (RBM) and on the Human Rights Based Approach to Development (HRBA) direct the project work at different stages of project cycle as well as some other small updates on the implementation of project cycle.

While the manual shall be applied in cooperation that has been agreed between Finland and partner country governments, it contains several elements that are useful also in the planning and implementation of other forms of cooperation.

Chapter 1, Development Policy Framework, gives an overview on the development policy framework and guiding principles of Results Based Management (RBM) and the Human Rights Based Approach to Development (HRBA). Chapter 2 follows the programme cycle and explains how to apply the RBM and HRBA in its various phases.

The revised version of the Manual for Bilateral Programme is launched with updated annexes. We are piloting these annexes and we are happy to receive feedback and ideas from the users of the manual. Kindly send any comments and suggestions for improvement of the Manual and its Annexes by e-mail to


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