Embassy of Finland, Addis Abeba

Embassy of Finland, Addis Abeba

Office hours

Mon-Wed klo 8.00-16.30, Thu 8.00-15.45, Fri 8.00-13.00

Customer service

Visas and Residence Permits

The Embassy has outsourced all visa applications to VFS Global.

Customers have to reserve visa or residence permit submission appointments either via VFS website, email, phone or by visiting to VFS application center in Addis Ababa. More information on the reservations can be found from https://finlandabroad.fi/web/eth/where-to-apply-for-a-visa- 

Customer service at the Embassy

Customer service currently in case of an emergency only, please contact us by email.

Email: visa.add@formin.fi

The Embassy's customer service is open on Fridays from 9am to 12pm. Somali and Tigrigna interpreters will be available. Please note that customers CANNOT reserve visa or residence permit appointments at the Embassy. Customers seeking to reserve appointments will be directed to the VFS application center. Embassy customer service hours are meant for passports, legalizations, and other consular and immigration services and information.

Customers can sent their enquiries via email :

Consular and Immigration matters : visa.add@formin.fi

Other matters: sanomat.add@formin.fi

Telephone exchange

  • +251 114 704 390


  • +251 114 704 379


  • sanomat.add@formin.fi

Post address

Embassy of Finland
PO Box 1017

Visiting address

Fitawrari Damtew St
Sub-City Kirkos
Kebele 10 House No 436

Antti Vaaras
Deputy Head of Mission
Pauliina Pennanen
Administrative Officer
Outi Holopainen
Outi Holopainen
Head of Mission
Carolina Nordling
Desk Officer
Bethelehem Feyissa
Clerical Assistant
Meron Sisay
  • Meron.Sisay@formin.fi

Development and Trade

Arto Valjas
Desk Officer
Trade and Development
Sai Väyrynen
Senior Specialist
education sector
Marjaana Pekkola
Advisor (Water, Land Administration, Agricultural Growth)
Workaferahu Eshetu
Special Adviser
Gezahegn Tadesse
Special Adviser
Meseret Mengistu