Evaluation Report: MOPAN 2015–21

The Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) is a network of 21 countries that assesses the performance of multilateral organisations. In 2020, MOPAN commissioned an independent external evaluation for the 2015-21 period. The evaluation addresses three main questions related to MOPAN’s efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance.

The evaluation found, among others, that over the past six years, the MOPAN Secretariat has grown, it has largely delivered on its agenda, reinforced the credibility and coverage of MOPAN assessments and promoted learning. Its activities have led to a rise in the number of assessments delivered annually and better coverage among multilateral organisations, and have also improved stakeholders’ perceptions of the assessments’ credibility.

Members and multilateral organisations use MOPAN assessments in different ways. Most members use MOPAN assessments in their accountability processes for multilateral aid butthey are not used systematically for monitoring or dialogue with multilateral organisations. Finland was identified as one of the active users of MOPAN reports and knowledge brokers.

Some multilateral organisations use MOPAN assessments, even though they are not geared to their needs. Some organisations are eager to use MOPAN assessments to open a dialogue, but MOPAN members have rarely reacted to such an opportunity.

MOPAN’s new analytical products have proven that it can produce credible learning products using an approach that is often more collaborative which are then used by both members and multilateral organisations. However, MOPAN would need to enhance  knowledge-brokering and knowledge use.

The evaluation placed nine recommendations, among others, to clarify how MOPAN’s activities are expected to support the organisational performance of multilateral organisations in addition to addressing members’ accountability needs. At the same time, MOPAN should explore new strategies to trigger sought after changes in multilateral organisations. It should review its methodology with a view to increasing efficiency. MOPAN should use learning products in support of clearly stated policy goals. The Secretariat should help members use the assessments more, and establish itself as a stand-alone entity.

MOPAN members, on their part, should adopt a medium-term strategic vision and specific accountability processes to support it, clearly define and commit their non-financial contributions, and decide a on a set of indicators for reporting purposes.

Finland was a member of the reference group for this evaluation.

Evaluation Report

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