Act on export control of dual-use items to be reformed

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has launched a project to reform the legislation governing the export control of dual-use items. The purpose is to enact national legislation that complements the EU’s new Export Control Regulation and to bring the current legislation up to date in other respects, too.

The new Export Control Regulation took effect in September 2021, replacing an earlier EU regulation on export control of dual-use items. The new Regulation introduced some new elements, such as an export authorisation requirement for cyber-surveillance items, and extended the criteria for end-use controls, which means that in certain situations the export concerned may be made subject to authorisation.

Complementary national legislation is needed

The Export Control Regulation allows some degree of national flexibility and calls for the Member States to enact complementary national legislation on export control competence and penalties. The aim for the legislative reform is to create a coherent body of national and EU legislation. The reform will clarify the processes of export control and help export control authorities in their work. This will also benefit Finnish companies exporting dual-use items.

The bill is due to be submitted to Parliament in autumn 2023, and the new act is due to enter into force in spring 2024.

Stakeholders will be consulted during drafting

On Tuesday 13 December 2022, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will organise an event open to all interested parties where the Ministry will tell about the project’s background, schedule and key themes. At the event, stakeholders will also have an opportunity to comment on the legislative reform. Stakeholders will be consulted again at a later stage.

Please register(Link to another website.) for the stakeholder event by Friday 2 December 2022 at the latest. You can attend the event in person at the Foreign Ministry or via Teams.  More information about the event is available in the invitation to the event.(Link to another website.)