From his home country Finland, Santa Claus confirms Christmas deliveries will proceed

The year 2020 has been like no other year in recent memory. Anytime humanity faces difficult challenges, children have even more questions and concerns than usual about what is happening in the world. The coronavirus has affected the lives of just about everyone on the planet, regardless of age.

Santa Claus ensures that his reindeer are well prepared before their journey from northern Finland to all corners of the globe. Photo: Juho Kuva/Visit Finland

Santa Claus (who, as everybody knows, lives in the far north of Finland, in Finnish Lapland) would like to reassure children everywhere that he and his elves and reindeer will indeed be making their usual rounds to deliver presents at Christmastime.

With a bag of presents over one shoulder,
Santa Claus is preparing for the busiest day of the year.
Photo: Juho Kuva/Visit Finland

To this end, through contacts at Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Mr Claus has reached out via diplomatic channels to every country around the globe. They have, without exception, reassured him that Covid-19-related travel restrictions do not apply to flying reindeer, if those reindeer are pulling a sleigh full of presents. Additionally, the driver of such a sleigh automatically receives a temporary exemption from such restrictions in order to carry out delivery of such gifts.

While Santa and Mrs Claus, their reindeer, and the elves who run Santa’s post office in northern Finland are not susceptible to ailments (and they don’t get irritable or need to go to bed early, either), they carefully observe all recommended coronavirus safety guidelines just in case – and in order to set a good example for children and adults.

Mr Claus told the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, “This year, above all, I want people to experience Christmas as a relaxing time, and as a happy moment that also revitalises us. Nothing can stop us from enjoying the finest time of the year. However, this time we should celebrate Christmas in a safe and proper way by carefully following instructions we are given.”

In a published video call with Ruth Parkin, Ireland’s ambassador to Finland, Mr Claus also brought up climate change, while praising children and the letters they send him: “They have wonderful ideas, and we need them now, because we have to help the environment and do something about climate change, as you know. We need some snow also in the future.”

Finland is known for its “snow-how,” its expertise in keeping society rolling along even when blanketed in snow that would bring some countries to a standstill. Airports and services remain open despite the storm. Santa Claus, of course, makes his deliveries no matter what the weather. He won’t be grounded if there’s a little snow – or a lot, or none at all. And one good thing about flying way up near the Northern Lights is that local weather variations don’t cause you any trouble.

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