Visa requirement and travel documents accepted by Finland

The Schengen member states have jointly agreed about the rules concerning the movement of third-country nationals in their territories and decided which countries' citizens are required to present a visa. Furthermore, each Schengen State has decided which travel documents citizens of different third countries have to present upon entering the country.

The European Commission is maintaining the table of travel documents accepted by the Schengen member states, and entitling the holder to cross the external borders and which may be endorsed with a visa: Travel documents issued by third countries and territorial entities (Part I)(Link to another website.) (Opens New Window) (European Commission).

Visa requirements and travel documents accepted by Finland are listed below.

Switzerland: travel documents to Finland

(valid until further notice)

A visa is not required

  • Visa free to Schengen area and Finland

Travel documents accepted by Finnish authorities

  • Ordinary passport

  • Diplomatic passport

  • Service passport / Official passport

  • Swiss temporary passport

  • An official identification card issued by Switzerland to its own citizens

  • Passport for Aliens

  • Travel Documents for stateless person (1954 New York convention)

  • Substitute travel document

  • Identity Certificate (issued to persons in need of protection, persons admitted on a provisional basis, asylum seekers with a view to their departure or definitive emigration to a third-country)

  • Travel Document for refugees (1951 Geneva convention)

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